BABX Seminar: Is your organization in compliance with the new OSHA Crystalline Silica rule requirements?

From Joe Moulton, CHMM , Senior Consultant, BSI EHS Services and Solutions

The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Fed-OSHA) deadline for enforcement of the Crystalline Silica in Construction standard (29 CFR 1926.1153) started September 23, 2017. 
Do you understand how these new regulations will impact your company, employees and operations, customers, etc.? Changes in exposure limits, plus new requirements for training, respiratory protection, written plans, monitoring, recordkeeping, etc. will all impact construction and related industries and present new compliance challenges.
 Join BSI and the Builders Exchange on October 4th for a Seminar: “New OSHA Crystalline Silica rule requirements” for a discussion on the new requirements of the Crystalline Silica standard and how you can quickly make the necessary adjustments to your operations to further protect your employees, minimize regulatory compliance risk, avoid OSHA citations for non-compliance, and satisfy your customer’s safety objectives.
BSI consultants are experts with years of experience assessing silica dust exposures in construction and identifying solutions for managing exposure risks. 
 At the Seminar we’ll start with a quick review of the new standard, so you can clearly see where the changes exist, including:
■ New training requirements 
■ Respiratory protection requirements
■ Written exposure control plans 
■ Exposure measurement, monitoring, sampling
■ Recordkeeping requirements & Medical exam requirements

We will share results of recent air sampling assessments of various work activities at construction sites and how they compare to the Action Level and Permissible Exposure Limits.
We’ll provide real world examples of companies who are implementing compliance strategies through monitoring, engineering controls and work practice modifications.
And finally, we’ll provide some helpful resources and next steps to get your organization on the road to compliance. (see the accompanying “Silica” seminar flyer in this week’s Bulletin)
Joe Moulton, CHMM 
Senior Consultant

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